The menu to the left, lists available maps together with an option to download, when available, a .ZIP file containing all the available .GPX files to use with your GPS unit.

Once a map has been chosen, a menu will appear in the top right hand corner of the screen giving options to change the map type displayed, the level of zoom and an elevation profile where this is available.

This second menu also includes an option to download an individual .GPX file for the displayed map.

When more than one map is available, the Prev and Next options move to the next or previous map in sequence

OS maps display at a maximum scale of 1:50,000 using the OS map option. For 1:25,000 mapping (shows field boundaries i.e. walls and hedges etc), use the Bing map option. Under the terms of the licence for Bing maps, printing is not permitted, which is why the print option disappears.

NOTE: You may wish to zoom in to street level on OS and print for places like FINDERN where competitors have gone wrong in previous years.

At the moment this webapp is not optimised for mobile use...

Navigation files are available in the following formats...

Both GPX and TCX
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Approx. total ascent: m Approx. total descent: m
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